Grappling with Racism, Inclusion, and Privilege in the Arts

 Resources, tools, and educational opportunities

It is our responsibility to educate ourselves. This is a place to start.


Please note that this scaffolded list of resources is the best current resource I have found -- I did not create it.

Please note that this website is under construction. However, it is viewable in an effort to make the information displayed accessible. 


& Education


Projects, discussions, etc. that have been successful - please submit ideas.

Grant writing assistance

Ultimately I hope to be able to connect grant writers to those needing assistance. If you are adept at grant writing and this is a passion you share, please reach out.



Grappling is an active verb. 

There are no simple answers here.

I believe there are many people who want to make a difference

and simply do not know where to begin.

This is a resource to help you begin and support you on your journey,

whether you are just trying to figure out what's going on,

working to use more inclusive language or become more aware,

or doing the work of transforming an organization.

This is for everyone, but understand that the overriding principle here is that those with privilege

are responsible for educating themselves.

We all have some kind of privilege.

It is our responsibility to recognize the privilege we have,

unpack it,

and use it as a positive force in the world.

This is for those of us doing our own work.


Wading in; asking questions;

doing our work - on our own and in community.

That's how change happens.

It has never happened any other way.

We are

Elizabeth Terrel
website administrator
There's room for you
There's room for you
There's room for you




Please reach out with resource suggestions

or if you would like to be involved in a specific way.

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